Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Fall Update

We saw the first tarantula of the season Sunday. 'Tis the season for spider luv! The male tarantulas go out searching for that special gal. We haven't seen so many this year as in previous years. Here's a clicky thing that describes lots more about spiders in California.

Dino has been spending the last couple of weekends cutting and splitting wood and arduously preparing our wood shed. Praying Horse is ever so grateful for this preparation and looks forward to hours spent in front of a toasty fire.

A lovely fall morning in the foothills.

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Anonymous said...

Clicky thing! hah. Dino indeed! I know how to make "clicky thing" in html now, and I used one to point to your website on my homepage for class. Don't worry, only the teacher sees it..

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