Saturday, December 26, 2009

Latest Project

Week before last, we took delivery of a new shop building. It's a steel building purchased in pieces from Future Steel. Putting up this building is Phase I - we'll be adding on a master bedroom in place of our current garage and another big area on the opposite side of the house. First order of business is emptying the garage, so putting up the shop building is required.
Dino will be arranging for pouring the pad and getting the foundation built and then will come the actual construction of the thing.

Last weekend, we spent the best part of a day getting it all properly stored. Dino had hoped he'd be able to just store it under tarps, but it turns out that the manufacturer recommends that you not do that because it gets discolored. There's a bit of an investment in it, so we decided to utilize the 40' storage container. We got the contents of the storage container rearranged, leaving almost one entire side open and ready to receive the building pieces. Then we toted and heaved and lifted till it all fit in nicely. We did use the tractor to move three of the larger stacks closer and the pickup to take it to the container. Otherwise, it was all by hand. 7800 pounds worth. Took us nearly six hours to move the whole thing, so you can imagine we had some pretty good appetites on us. Also a few new aches and pains.

Good thing I know how to lift heavy stuff.

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julie said...

I really enjoy your's a nice tour of the area...thanks for sharing you wonderful photos..

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