Saturday, August 6, 2011

First August Update

The vegetable garden is starting to die down - the cucumbers are tapering off heavily, and the green beans are done.  The delicata squash is still ripening.  Tomatoes have been disappointing overall, although we are getting enough to have in our salad every day.  I had grand thoughts of having bushels that I would have to make into sauce and so on. 

This year I also planted some soup beans, i.e. beans intended for drying.  It was an interesting experiment and although we haven't eaten any of the beans yet, if they are anything like the beans I've gotten in the past from Rancho Gordo which sells these heirloom varieties, they will be delicious.  I bought the seeds from Seeds of Change, which offers organic and heirloom seeds of all sorts.  I planted one of the raised beds with two varieties:  Yellow Indian Woman and Tiger Eye. 

Dino has been working on the shop building - the electrician finished up last week (well nearly, there are a couple of minor details still outstanding.)  Some of the equipment we had in the garage got moved down to the shop, and we've been discussing how to reorganize. 

We've been greatly amused by the Acorn Woodpeckers, who seem to have a bit of a sweet tooth, as evidenced by their frequent visits to the hummingbird feeders.

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