Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Four Nestboxes Now

You thought it would be something other than kestrels?  Granted, Dino is the one doing most of the work at the moment, what with yours truly not being retired yet.  Today, he's doing two of the monitoring routes - I don't expect he'll be home till after dark.  Anyway, total count as of this morning, is four kestrel nests - another nest was found this past weekend by the monitors.  Since kestrels incubate their eggs for approximately 30 days, sometime soon, hopefully there will be cute pictures of fuzzy little baby birds!

Besides the kestrel work, Dino is also helping monitor wood duck and barn owl, and I believe, bluebird boxes for another project.  It's darn close to a full time job, or as he jokes, "fool-time".  It sure is interesting though.

It's a disappointing wildflower year, but I saw the watercress in the ford blooming this last weekend.

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