Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Although I've alerted the media, evidently this latest news has not been deemed worthy. My missing hat has been found. While out on a thistle-scouting foray, the Dinosaur encountered it. The theory that it had been left on the porch while boots were being taken off and then taken away by some great gust of wind seems to be nearly proven. Given that, the hat has been named Dorothy, who also was taken by a maelstrom and yet happily made it home.

Dino has been a veritable storm of activity and accomplishment himself over the last couple of weeks. He was able to spend ten days at Dryad Ranch (yours truly couldn't get away that long from work) and finished all of the work for the water tank, which now holds 2500 gallons or so and is available for use if the worst happens and a fire needs to be fought. In addition, he spent many hard hours with the Transline tank discouraging any thistles in his path.

This weekend we've been gardening - I've spent some hours weeding (we can see a path now) and Dino is currently tractoring and filling in over a culvert in the front driveway.
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