Sunday, August 30, 2009

At Dryad Ranch Fulltime

We've been here more than a week now and haven't quite had a chance until today to start enjoying it. It's been insanely busy with getting organized and finding things that were so well-packed as to be virtually unfindable. There are still pockets of mess but mostly it's all coming together nicely.

There were a couple of truly grueling days of loading and then unloading. We had some fun getting Dino's workbench out of the rental truck - nothing like a little machinery to make life easier.

The air has been pretty bad the last few days with smoke from the Big Meadows fire, although not as bad as last year. This didn't stop us from taking a bird walk today; the highlight of the walk was a golden eagle soaring over Morning Meadow.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fly Away Home

I do know that the poem is about ladybugs, but I didn't have any handy for this post. However, I just want to crow about the fact that we are finally moving to Dryad Ranch for good, and yes, it does feel that we are flying home.

In spite of the gloom and doom about the economy, our Bay Area house sold in no time (knock on wood because escrow hasn't close yet, don't want to jinx anything).

The dragonfly is a Western Pond Hawk.

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