Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Own Home Brewed Superstition About Acorn Woodpeckers

Every morning as I drive up the hill to work, I look for the following auspicious omen:

All Is Right in the World

A day when I see an acorn woodpecker on a post will automatically be a good day.

Multiple woodpeckers is even better.  Two woodpeckers on a post (or neighboring posts) is not called merely "two woodpeckers".  Instead, the name for that occurence is "DOUBLE PECK!"  Similar designations are applied to "TRIPLE!", "QUADRUPLE!" and on one memorable morning, "QUINTUPLE!" (There may have been an additional non-family friendly qualifier on that last occasion.  When one gets excited one may not always modulate the vocabulary.) 

Note:  days when no woodpeckers are noticed on posts are neutral days.  The lack of the woodpecker/post combination is not a negative.

Since woodpeckers evidently like to sit on posts and as you undoubtedly know, they like to peck on wood, which of course the wood posts are, the probability of seeing this sight on any given morning is well into the 90% range.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Have I Mentioned Lately

That I love where I live?  Last Sunday's walk took me once again, to the Chowchilla, where I walked downriver looking for "stuff".  Mostly this turned out to be birds and hot sun, but I do love this part of the river where the ash trees line up so nicely along the bank.

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