Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pig Hill: Aptly Named

Much of my weekend enjoyment seems to take place on the walks we take.  Last Sunday, I ended up taking two. The first I accompanied Dino to the mailbox at the red gate, a little over 3 miles. And then after I helped with some shop building/storage container organizing, I made good on my threat to do a Pig Hill hike. We'd gotten talking about good walks that get the old heart rate up and I realized I hadn't done one of those in a while. It's a good steep hill - not a cliff or anything but a decent challenge.

Just as I started up, right where the field starts sloping upward, under a big oak tree I spotted something white that looked suspiciously like bones. I always check those out. As I got closer, I could see it was a skull and initially I thought it was a horse. But as I kept looking, it was too small to be a horse, and then I saw: tusks!  How appropriate for Pig Hill. I finished my walk up and back, then scouted around the area to see if I could find anything else of the skeleton - no. I carried it home - four pieces, top, jaw and the two tusks which had fallen out. I stuck it in a bucket of dilute bleach and found an old scrubber and washed it off nicely. 

I didn't have time during the week to do any photography, but come yesterday morning as soon as I had some decent natural light coming in, set to work. 

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