Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dryads and Ranch History

We purchased Dryad Ranch in 1995. Originally, the ranch was 80 acres, but a few years ago we had the opportunity to purchase another piece with one adjoining corner, and we jumped at the chance, and now have 128 acres altogether.

Why do we call it Dryad Ranch? Dryads are female tree-nymphs in Greek mythology, and in particular, are associated with the oak tree. Since the predominant tree of this area is the Oak, we honor it by naming the ranch after its spirit. Mythology has it that each dryad is attached to her own tree and watches over it. When her tree dies, she dies with it. It is also said that you must propitiate the tree, or rather the spirit of the tree, before you kill it, or the dryad's revenge will be swift.

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