Monday, April 14, 2008

Mid-April Update

The gardens are starting to get lush - the iris are blooming wildly. All of our iris have been given to us, dug up from other gardens. The old bathtub in this photo will be used for a mini-herb garden, I need to get cracking!

The roses are starting to bloom also, although they won't come into their own until next month. They all got a good fertilizing before we left for the week.

The front garden got some motorized attention this weekend:

The mosquitoes have hatched, and I have a bite to prove it. The down side of spring!

All the dark-eyed juncos have flown north, but we are not yet seeing any of the flycatchers - Western Kingbirds or Ash-throated flycatchers - moving in yet. There are three house finch couples nesting under the eaves of the front porch. Two couples are in little lanterns that we set there a few years ago as decoration, but the finches have found these conducive to baby-making. I can see well enough into one of the lanterns to spy four little blue eggs; the other nests are either too high and tucked away or too jam-packed full of nesting material to see into.

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