Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild Pig Redux, Also Number 80

The rain tapered off yesterday so we decided to get outside to see what was what. There were an amazing number of mushrooms that had popped up again. I am continually amazed at how many different kinds of fungi we can see during any given hour this time of year.

As we started walking down the hill on the northwest part of our property, guess which dastardly critters came into view? They moved pretty fast after I got this shot, the next picture I took was an even more blurry one of a bunch of pig butts dashing away.

After that bit of excitement we got down to the river, which was exciting in its own way, what with being swollen with runoff. The Dinosaur's favorite picnic rock under the ash tree was nearly covered with water. Sure is a different river from what it was a week ago, when we were able to cross it easily by jumping over a couple of rocks.

In addition to the pigs, we also saw two groups of mule deer, one on the appropriately named Deer Ridge, the other moving up from the river. Dino spotted a yellow bellied sapsucker, which we'd never seen around here. I didn't see it since at the time I was entranced by a particular amanita mushroom. Darn.


Tom Hurley said...

Wow, daylight pigs! They're getting pretty cheeky.

Tom Hurley said...

I forgot: Congratulations on BIRD 80!

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