Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Robin

My favorite hat has gone missing. I can't imagine what I've done with it - as a general rule I just put it on the appropriate peg in the mudroom and that's that. But Saturday, it wasn't there. I looked everywhere in the house and around the house but no luck. It's a real mystery. I hope to find it - a) because I like that hat b) I want to understand what the heck was on my mind when I put it wherever I did. Yes, I looked in the refrigerator too.

A real bird picture. This guy was hopping and hunting by the river. And look at all the wildflowers around, it's really getting to look like spring.


Tom Hurley said...

Your Flatus intestinus americanii looks like a plain old Dino to me. Is the bird a robin?

Praying Horse said...

The bird is Turdus migratorius, and I'm really not making that up.

I've read that the current scientific belief is that birds have evolved from dinosaurs, so it's all quite fitting.

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