Monday, June 1, 2009

An Odd Find

All in all, an exciting weekend on the nature watching front.

On our walkabout yesterday, we found an abandoned egg. From the size of it, it has to be turkey. Must have been a dud; it was just lying to one side of the road, intact. No other turkey sign around.

We spotted bird species #81 yesterday! A beautiful Violet-green Swallow, which landed on the fence enclosing our front garden area and stayed there long enough for both of us to take a good long gander with the binoculars. They are a beautiful bird! What a treat that was.

It is fence lizard mating season, evidently, if activities on our front porch (!) are any indication. And damselflies seem to be liking each other right around this time of year. These are Vivid Dancers (the male is the blue one).


Tom Hurley said...

Wow. Video. I’m impressed. Or is it jealous? Got to do my homework and find something interesting that moves and makes burping noises. May I borrow your turkey? I’ll give you a nice fat rattlesnake.

Anonymous said...

hot looking couple :)

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