Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Never Knows What's Around the Next Bend

When I set out Saturday on my walk I decided to head to the old schoolhouse that's across the river and it would be quiet and contemplative, maybe I'd take a couple of pictures.  Turned out that a neighboring rancher was going to be branding some of his cattle - and that whole operation was in the pen right next to the schoolhouse. No one objected to me hanging around to take pictures, so I did.

One of the calves as he's waiting his turn in the squeeze chute.

All of the calves were males who got castrated at the same time.  The methodology for the latter task has improved greatly - it's more of a clamping and banding technique nowadays.  Not comfortable I'm sure but the calves didn't seem to be in pain.  No, I didn't take any closeups; it just seemed too personal.

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