Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey Weather! I'm Complaining About You.

Every weekday, I drive into the nearest town to go to work.  Not that I'm a big fan of the 45 minute commute, but since I'd already been used to that before we moved here, not such a big difference.  Most days it's no big deal and perhaps even pleasant, with lots of pretty views and relatively frequent wildlife sightings.  Sometimes I even get as far as Hwy 49 before I see another moving vehicle.  Lately, it's been nice in town; blue skies, vaguely warm temperature.  Yesterday, I got about a mile out of town on my drive home:  wall o' fog.  Not as bad as the horrible-est tule fog but still non-fun.  I'm shaking my fist at you, fog. 

In other work-related news, I had to employ an interesting methodology for getting into my office yesterday morning: climbing in the window of the bakery with whom I share a common access door. When I got to work, one of the bakery workers was outside talking to someone on the other side of the door, who was rattling the door knob and attempting to open it. The locksmith arrived well before noon to fix everything.  Glad I lost all that weight so I was able to fit myself through, because otherwise I would have been late to work, gasp and god forbid.

Below, a picture of the Chowchilla taken on Sunday afternoon - the one day recently where we got some sunshine in our little valley.  If I'd tried taking this shot on Monday, it would have been like taking a picture of the inside of a cotton ball.

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Tom Hurley said...

Boy, do I know how bad the fog can get! One night Karla and I were coming home and wouldn't have made it except for the reflective markers showing culvert locations on the county road. Low gear with a foot on the brake all the way!

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