Monday, March 21, 2011

New Bird! Number 87!

All of Dino's raptor runs with the Audubon group (not to mention extensive studying of field marks) are really paying off in raptor identification.  Today, he saw a Swainson's Hawk (Buteo swainsoni) on his daily walk - that's a new species for us here.  Excitement plus!

I made it into town today through a bit of mushy snow only to find that there was No Power.  Drat.  Makes it hard to work on a computer in that situation.  Another aspect of the general discomfort:  building only has electrical heat, ergo, 53 degrees in the office.  I layered, indeed I did and toughed it out till noon, then decided that I'd had enough and headed home.  Dino headed out to work on the shop building, deferring to my need for quiet so I could get some paying work done, and I plugged away on the much slower connection.  The PG&E web site does not give much hope for tomorrow either, not to complain about days off which are always nice, but I'd rather not burn my personal days for this.  Ah well, make hay and all that - oh wait, the sun's not shining. 

Here's a fungus pic for your trouble.  I found these beauties on Saturday afternoon in an area I don't usually explore, in a spring on the area we call the Northwest Territory.  I had a heck of a time wedging myself and my gear under a willow trunk where I'd decided to go for a nice view of the spring and the water flowing downstream.  I was delighted to be rewarded by finding this mini-forest in a hollowed area of stump.

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