Saturday, May 7, 2011

While I've Been Chasing Wildflowers

Dino has been busy on a project that will provide water and power to the shop building as well as all of our garden areas and eventually will allow for setup of an automatic drip system.  At the moment, we have any number of trenches into which various pipes and pieces of conduit will go. 

I was able to offer a day's labor last weekend, which in spite of the fact that I'm in pretty good shape, had me whining about sore muscles.  However, it is a truth that I would prefer trenching to having a day job, however much I am grateful for the income.  My time for retirement is not yet, alas.

This  post's photographic offering is an image of Pretty Face, Triteleia ixioides, a member of the lily family also known as Golden Brodiaea.  (Note: there is an Elegant Brodaea blooming on the grade I drive up to go to work.  I may try to snap a photo of that before it fades.)

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