Thursday, July 19, 2012

I had some fun day before yesterday with a wardrobe malfunction.  I put on one of my summer dresses, a floral number I bought some years ago at a thrift store.  When I got to work and started getting my stuff out of the truck, I felt a little more air circulation in the area of the back zipper than one would have expected.  The zipper teeth had started to separate for almost the entire length of the zipper, exposing my back and underthings.  Luckily, for once no one was in the parking area and I scurried into my office and wore yoga clothes for the rest of the day.  I figured that I'd gotten my $3 worth out of the dress and decided not to have a new zipper put on, and ragbagged it.

Wildlife Updates:  the other day at supper, Dino spotted Something inside the front garden, which is surrounded by a six foot wire fence, and reached for his binoculars.  He thought it was a bobcat, but it turned out to be a beautiful gray fox.  We both watched it through our binocs while it nosed around, and picked up some of the rubber drip tubing to chew on and shake, which of course made Dino a tad unhappy.  When it was ready to leave, it defied gravity and sprang up to the top of the fence at the point where the steel poles meet at one of the corner and tiptoed along the top.  There didn't appear to be a lick of effort on the fox's part in doing this - it was really neat to watch.

Last, while Dino was on a nestboxing expedition, a young tree swallow was in the process of getting banded, managed to get away and tried to fly, only to land in a big pool in a nearby creek.  The bird fluttered enough in its attempts to fly again to attract the attention of a small mouth bass, which sadly snapped it up and ate it.

I was taking photos of a pretty yellow wildflower the other day, when this Western Pondhawk dragonfly, Erythemis collacata, decided it wanted to become famous on the Internet and continued to return to the same stalk near my camera setup. 


Janice said...

Yes, you did get your money's worth. :D

Love today's pic!

Tom Hurley said...

Nice dragonfly shot.

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