Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Didn't Know I Needed to Be Prepared But Glad I Was

Sunday afternoon, I really needed to get out and about, not that I need an excuse per se.  Grabbed my stuff and walked down to the river; found all sort of wonderful wildflowers.  I felt a mite peckish mid-walk, found a good rock to sit upon and dredged up a protein bar from my camera bag.  (Side note:  I am known for pretty much always having a fallback snack somewhere on my person.)  As I was munching, I enjoyed the sight of a Black Phoebe working the same area of river, working hard for her afternoon snack.

I finished the bar and decided to try for a decent shot of the Phoebe, swapped lenses in favor of my telephoto and ended up with this nice picture.

I left the big lens on the camera, packed up my gear in the bag, and hoisted same to continue with the walk.  I hadn't walked more than a minute when I spotted movement at the bottom of the hill.  Gray Fox!  If I hadn't been interested in the Phoebe in spite of the fact I've taken many many pictures of these wonderful birds, I would have never been ready for the fox.  Happy happenstance.

I got several other pictures of the fox, including one of it sitting down contemplating whatever it is foxes contemplate, but I like this one because it shows how it moved in the landscape and also I love the idea of a Fox in a Field of Flowers.  Note the right ear aimed in my general direction - listening to the clicks of the shutter?

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