Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Update

The last couple of weekends have been pretty focused on doing stuff in the garden, mostly. 

Last weekend, I finished up Round Two of the weeding in the Upper Garden fence, and helped Dino with a few tasks in the Lower Garden. One of which included filling up that old claw foot tub we've got with good organic potting soil (almost five full bags). Also did some levelling to the left side of that tub, under the oak tree and put some of those faux brick 16" paving stones there. I rooted around the area near the big storage container where we put all the empty clay pots and came up with three more good sized ones, and hauled those down.  I haunted the nursery in town for a couple of lunch hours last week plotting and planning.

Friday after work, I finally bought what I'd decided on.   I should have gotten a sales commission while I was there because one of the other customers saw what I had in my wagon (I decided to get more of the salvia that the hummers like so much) and after I praised it heavily, he decided he wanted some too, so I showed him where they had it.  I also bought several pots of a trailing variety of thyme and some vinca.  

In the vegetable garden, lovely growth.  *Knocks wood and makes the sign against crop failure*  Some mornings, I've been cutting short my early a.m. workouts to go up to the vegetable beds and get the watering done ahead of the day's heat.  We've got big big tomato plants, and as of now a few small tomatoes and some cute little blossoms.  I am really hoping for a big 'mater harvest this year to make up for the pathetic yield of last year.  This weekend, we ate the first of the peas and the first pick of the Blue Lake green beans. 

If you must know,  I feel smug, as if I were the first human to discover that seeds will grow if you plant them in the right place and do good stuff to them.

Meanwhile, Dino has been kicking some major butt on getting the drip irrigation going in the Lower and Front Gardens, and I've probably forgotten something, so forgive me.  The shop building got its visit from the county inspector and received a thumbs up, so all of the trenches going down there got filled back up. The next big step is getting the electrical system going. 

These peas inspired not only hunger but the urge to close the shutter.

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Tom Hurley said...

I hope you got vinca minor, not major. Major can take over the entire planet, given enough water. Nice pea picture!

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