Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last weekend, I was scrunched under the big rose bush in the far corner of the lower garden hand weeding, when Bad Things started to happen. I'm a little unclear as to the exact sequence of events, but I think it went something like: I disturbed a bee, maybe two bees. One of them stung me on the arm (I think - at the time I thought it could have just been the rose thorns raking me again.) I started yelping and the other bee, maybe the same bee, flew into my mouth and stung my tongue.

This is when Dino said I started making some really "funny" noises.  I got the bee out of my mouth and backed up out of the rose bush pronto to go find Dino. I was a little worried that if I started to have an allergic reaction it wouldn't be great. He could see a big welt in there and suggested I go get an ice cube and work on that for a while, which I did and it helped. Obviously, no bad reactions, just a sore tongue - and how wrong is that I ask you?

After sulking about that for some minutes and sucking on the ice cube, I decided that all was going to be well and went back to the scene of the crime and my weeding task. I'll be able to finish up that Lower Garden today, and I'm pretty excited about that area because Dino's just about finished with getting the automatic watering system to a place where he can get all of that operational. I rearranged the potted plants, moved around some of the neat rocks we've collected from here and there. There's one large pot whose inhabitant died over the winter - I'm going to find something as a replacement sometime this next week, and find two or three other smaller somethings to fill in a bit. All of those will then go on the auto drip.

Mariposa Lily, Calochortus venustum, of which there are a near-profusion this year.  My favorite wildflower.

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